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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fingerprints to Drawout

Was I wrong?
breaching the contract
a decision that can never be tooking
forever i live with it
the truth states
two wrongs will never make a right
i guess on this clearly sky night
i realize how wrong I am
what makes me so mighty
it wasn't my choice
to make the final call
to make the final judgement upon man
the blood is written on my hands
that can never be erase
I feel lie i betrayed everyone
even him who watches over me
thou shall i honored
thou that i failed in his corner
he bless me
but i return the favor
by slaying a human he once created
through life i shall not wall
through life i shall not talk
this is my last full moon
let this be my testament
to my last judgement
i thou not live for tomorrow

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Realize (Reflex)

as your eyes open
fool, whats right in front of you
a sky with beautiful clouds
the ocean with it's beautiful water
as the grass grows greener with joy
the sun beams us
as the earth cycles
stuff out of our control
never can be uphold
for told of the lands
some may not live to see
but as we believe
we are sucking in
covered with the embarrassment of truth
never to realize truth
be so far away with lies
we can
become bigger with truth
be pure with beliefs
also able to see
see far beyond what you called sight
we need less fight
the world suffers
next time may be the final testament
we are the people of the earth
we agree on so many things
but given power
people turn to greed
flooded the world turn us to beg for pity
screw up the relations
partnership with our hearts
fooled to be soldiers
we need to protect our love ones
to rise
to stay in touch with
love that goes beyond our bodies
to fly with the clouds
to drink the rain
as the rain pour
we become the storm
to rip through the skies
to become that night
to swim the sky
and travel the distance to peace
whats peace?
in the day we live in
we are shot down
like a plane in the sky
who decide to challenge
challenge the truth
i kill and judgment for tells the ending  
i'm not ready for the end
so much to do
i don't want to be last
be the fool
the media use us as tools
label us as the venom
the poison to their lives
some can easily lie 
fool us to believe it's true
i am ashamed to admit 
but we lose
we are out source of power
with no way to gain
we as people are equal no difference 
however we are chosen to be bigger than others
stronger than others
weak as they recall
strong as fire
beautiful as a flower
it's amazing to be inspiring
be kind to a dieing fate
twisted by world
mix with words
we are burn and toss to the curve
no re-joyce
as a liar
we for tell a book
a book of mischief
a lie is just a painting on the wall
stories with no faint
we circle while we hold hands
but we ban each other
who can?
bring us together
unite us as one
lead us to the clouds
to that distance place
we are lose
stranded with no s.o.s to help
we felt the loneliness 
of no one to pick us up
these web of lies are shorten with time
in due time
we are promise with things
things that can shape our hearts
corrupt it to be darken by others lies
so if we as people
re-write time
isn't we the liars of the light?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just like the sky
Life shifts
Turn and a tear has fallen
What we hold
Seems to disappear
Vanish from the earth
As life seems so clear
What is so pure
A light on a candle
Or a flower from a simple bush
We all are going to rot to mush
Second chances are rarely given
As the heart had been taken
I have forsaken
Ones truth with beliefs
Belief that maybe false to the naked eye
But why cry
Some day we all will fly
High as the stars and the moon
Don’t be gloom
Be as bright
As the flowers bloom
Don’t worry
I be home soon 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

at the top, something you wanted to reach

broken dreams, i see why you never wanted to sleep more

now you cant live, because she said she never even peep boy

cant get over, whats done is did and you done over

so collect it, rebuild yourself

nothing is never handed, get out and take over

become a star, just as one grows big

so when you shoot off, you running for that shit

taking off like you aren't got nothing to live for

home is where your best dreams are at

the best dreams, even the ones that makes your girl wet

sweet dreams its eight in the evening

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Just wanna ride

I just wanna ride
Me and my baby in the sunset
Free to ride away from debt
Leave my land for somewhere new
Only a matter of time before I do
Her growl makes her bisexuality
Gather a fem rally
Not like it’s a dream I really want
My job isn’t to stylize and flaunt
I’m here to ride with my baby
Treat her like a lady
Get her first over those finish lines
Stay with her until the end of time
I just wanna ride
Neither one of use is leaving
Got me believing
You’re the one for me (You’re the one!)
You’re why I feel so free
0-60 in what is like a captured breath
The reason why we give ‘em hell
Tryin’ to catch up
In real time, I’m about to lap ‘em
Taste my vapor
Let you savor
Why we’re un-seperatable
Completely unbreakable
I just wanna ride


if i take grab it

walking as l look up upon it

never be the chance i fell

sharper like a lion with its claws

yes god made us

maybe we have some flaws

as light brightens up the day

the moon creates the passion

a man to above for the blessing that i ask

run for it

walking makes you prolong for it

reason are forever achieve for the brave and the bold

the weak pray on what they seek

everyone has a reason to believe

we sale for the one who always lead

end up forgotten why are they so greed

as life who walks for time

people live for the history but cant count down the time

why thus are time so valuable

soul to be reliable

felt hidden do to the dark clouds

most people cant hear him

even when he speaks out loud

souly we here but not with our sight

blind for the real war

not even ready for the fight

but until then

preach they maybe come to the light

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bird Song(Quiet Noise)

now that i am at peace life rolls back around
it seems like nothing but when it falls who's to hold
i never knew how long it could be but lets chat or make a tweet
we fly together as we sing together
the song is beautiful when we unite the flame
we should walk the heavens together
but every morning when i heard the birds tweet
its like the birds are singing
the quiet noise that you hear when the sun breaks the rose
ma god a song so unique
never knew two tweets makes a good beat
so relaxable its not hard to dream upon
not a problem in the world can take this
baby lets be these birds and become in tweet
lets sing the quiet noise upon our over sleep
lets start the day with a nice bird song

Pity(everybody wants pity)

shameless to say

some cry and don't even pray

in my eyes you don't have words

neither a song for the birds

you ask you cry and you even beg

but you haven't listen to what the wise one has said

you neither speak or talk

let the chip of the wood hold your bark

neither agree or disagree

and uphold the the task of which i speak

you don't have the right to think

to put your mind as if it was right

or say the wisdom

as someone has spoke

this world moves with or without

now its time for the clock to speak oh so loud

awww not fair as the naked eye

bare the witness as a normal fly

pity as a look at the worthless person you are

pity even with the lucky you have

pity as if i can make you glad

no i pity these worms for believing whats on television

Still in Love

My lover does what she does
Treated me like I was
A king of her fortress, a knight that saved her from the castle
The protector of her seas, the last man remaining after a massive battle
What could I complain about at this stage?
Every night, my bed was made
Sex is precisely in the 5th dimension
Inception with suspensions
But once we cooled down
Fall as the leaves went brown
Commitment was oftenly avoided
As long as our relationship lived
I couldn't admit it
I'm still in love with her
Still in love with my ex....
I know she put me through hell
The past we shall not dwell
My ex is and was the reason why I ever met the current
It was determined
That she can change as I
She needs to reply!!
My love, I'm sorry
Your efforts won't go un-noticed
She is just more important
The woman who brought me to you
Is the same woman who stole me back
I can't tell you how much you mean to me
I need you to see
It wasn't to hurt you, but I need to
I've held onto my the monster in my rearview
It wasn't fair to you
But I'm in love with her
Still in love with my ex....


Boderline Bipolar Mood Swings

Behind every great man
There rises a great woman
Behind me there are wildfires
Tombstones for everyday lives
Acid melting away lost hope
Into my wounds it soaks
Burning pain deep into my nerves
Punishment evil deserve
I wear my scars proudly
I hear the voices loudly
Breaking point of an already unstable crossing
All that proved costly
Psychoanalysis: Borderline Bipolar Mood Swings
Trouble comes in circles like rings
Dynasties: red or yellow
Down right colder than Sub-Zero
The next town sees my eyes
They don’t realize
How close I am to snapping
As the smoke behind me starts signaling
They say you beat a man while he’s down
But how do you beat a man who is lower than underground?
A composed spawn of hell
Or a mental patient as the medical record tell
Am I wrong for tearing a place to shreds?
Sacrificing no one making sure they’re dead
Retribution for one’s bullying
Eyes open sleeping
My past is my past
As long as my temper last
The world is not safe
The world is not safe
The world is not safe…

Blowing out your candle

Girl, I think you betta wait
I would hate
To take you out early
Unless you can put it on me
After I lift
You look like you ready to work like a 40-hour shift
Motion on the honey
Bouncing like a bunny
Let it fill your capacity
I’ll stop when you grab onto me
Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you want me
Interchangeable positions from out the blue
Rocky Mountains, dew the do
And I’ll put it to you
From late evening until high noon
You started me up on purpose
I’ll reward you for your service
Blowing out your candle
If you can handle
An extension that could never be grasped
Your commander of love collapse
Even then still
Your guts I wanna feel
Get lazy
I’m about to drive you crazy
You ready?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Without me

unfortunately I'm gone
anything is left is my foot prints
so you got your wish
you must have really wanted this
my presents was hard to believe
but i'm gone
and you crying because you can't have me
it's funny how they want a outcome
but always want to retrace there steps
mistakes occur in life often
so a prayer is in need
some you things can't change
thank god for today
and hope he blesses you for tomorrow
the best isn't good for every
but at least most learn from the mistakes
and take the goal before its to late
with life you dont get seconds just first
people going to hate you
dislike you and all above
like me
i been discourage
and pulled to the end
but never quite gave in
i always believe in the gift
the gift that gives me the right to live
who is you
you dont have the right
specially in my presence
you dont even have the right to speak
judgement  is a curse for most
and a blessing for some
as a friend quoted to me
most say what they have done
but them most hasnt done any
its crazy how lies sound pretty
its painful and pity to me
do without me
i dont deserve to be

I'm so hard to read?

i never knew i can be so different
outcast from on to the world
like im in a forbidden room
surrounded by so much non believe
they point at me like i'm an disease
but what did i do
i guess myirth was the last straw
the last restraint from there temper
the mad the inconclusive madness
man what the hell
i guess they just dont get me
let alone understand me
they say im like an hard cover book
with white blank pages
well now i guess thats a perfect way to put it
i never was the kid to get rock ya bye at night to
but always face with an evil eye
never knew the truth
until i was face with one reason to it all
i was born to be hated
i knew deep in my heart i knew
the depth of the feeling was creepy n unreal
it was like a weeks worth of rain
with no sun shine in sight
now they say im cold
one of the heartless one's
but it was you people who made a monstar
a being from another planet
created the feelings for this creature
now face the music
im no mistake
just a problem turned to a successer
life is a journey with a never ending cycle with or without me
who cares if one problem
is compared to billions
the world claim you are the problem
out of millions?
how you know me
since im so different?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Fiction

your my beautiful secret

my untold forbidden story

my beautiful wrong doing

i took her heart

when it wasn't necessary

i took her mind

and made it mines

what kind of person I'm I

one who lies

that can't see to tell the truth

one who tells stories

when nothing is the truth

but she is beautiful

beyond all means

I'm I wrong

or was i wrongly influence?

my friend

became my midnight vacation

why life have hard decision

uncertain what you are going to do

however, i took a turn

maybe for the worst

some things can't be fix

like trust and love

i sacrifice a home

for a lust

the very thing i tried to avoid

now in the back of my mind

was it worth it?..........

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Roots

with my fist closed

straight to the power

my for-fathers had seen this coming

Dr. King said "the glory mountain top"

i believe

we as african americans has succeed

even with the chains and restraints

we kept our head high

pray to the sky

nothing kept us down

even with the pain

and not being able to enjoy life

but only through experience

we succeed

we never gave up

we achieve

I'm glad i have a strong background of history

for ones who i believe in

as people judge us

we moved forward

along with time

as you open up the history books

we move withe time

Days without you

memories is like a song

you know it for the moment

and our moment........

beautiful as the sky

but we departed

like clouds

when she said bye

unfortunately my luck ran out

my charm...........

the power to get rid of the dark


I'm consume, drain

i lost all hope

what is life?

without her by my side

cold as the wind

black as the night

how many more days?