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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Without me

unfortunately I'm gone
anything is left is my foot prints
so you got your wish
you must have really wanted this
my presents was hard to believe
but i'm gone
and you crying because you can't have me
it's funny how they want a outcome
but always want to retrace there steps
mistakes occur in life often
so a prayer is in need
some you things can't change
thank god for today
and hope he blesses you for tomorrow
the best isn't good for every
but at least most learn from the mistakes
and take the goal before its to late
with life you dont get seconds just first
people going to hate you
dislike you and all above
like me
i been discourage
and pulled to the end
but never quite gave in
i always believe in the gift
the gift that gives me the right to live
who is you
you dont have the right
specially in my presence
you dont even have the right to speak
judgement  is a curse for most
and a blessing for some
as a friend quoted to me
most say what they have done
but them most hasnt done any
its crazy how lies sound pretty
its painful and pity to me
do without me
i dont deserve to be

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