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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bird Song(Quiet Noise)

now that i am at peace life rolls back around
it seems like nothing but when it falls who's to hold
i never knew how long it could be but lets chat or make a tweet
we fly together as we sing together
the song is beautiful when we unite the flame
we should walk the heavens together
but every morning when i heard the birds tweet
its like the birds are singing
the quiet noise that you hear when the sun breaks the rose
ma god a song so unique
never knew two tweets makes a good beat
so relaxable its not hard to dream upon
not a problem in the world can take this
baby lets be these birds and become in tweet
lets sing the quiet noise upon our over sleep
lets start the day with a nice bird song


  1. Very cute :) nothing like birdsong in the morning

  2. yeah in was in high school when i wrote this. its felt good to walk to school and hear the birds sing and play.