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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still in Love

My lover does what she does
Treated me like I was
A king of her fortress, a knight that saved her from the castle
The protector of her seas, the last man remaining after a massive battle
What could I complain about at this stage?
Every night, my bed was made
Sex is precisely in the 5th dimension
Inception with suspensions
But once we cooled down
Fall as the leaves went brown
Commitment was oftenly avoided
As long as our relationship lived
I couldn't admit it
I'm still in love with her
Still in love with my ex....
I know she put me through hell
The past we shall not dwell
My ex is and was the reason why I ever met the current
It was determined
That she can change as I
She needs to reply!!
My love, I'm sorry
Your efforts won't go un-noticed
She is just more important
The woman who brought me to you
Is the same woman who stole me back
I can't tell you how much you mean to me
I need you to see
It wasn't to hurt you, but I need to
I've held onto my the monster in my rearview
It wasn't fair to you
But I'm in love with her
Still in love with my ex....


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  1. Very sad, I know the feeling of being torn in two. Love is so powerful and works in strange ways...
    Please stop by my blog if you have a chance :) http://faithsblog-thequill.blogspot.com
    Keep writing!!!