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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Realize (Reflex)

as your eyes open
fool, whats right in front of you
a sky with beautiful clouds
the ocean with it's beautiful water
as the grass grows greener with joy
the sun beams us
as the earth cycles
stuff out of our control
never can be uphold
for told of the lands
some may not live to see
but as we believe
we are sucking in
covered with the embarrassment of truth
never to realize truth
be so far away with lies
we can
become bigger with truth
be pure with beliefs
also able to see
see far beyond what you called sight
we need less fight
the world suffers
next time may be the final testament
we are the people of the earth
we agree on so many things
but given power
people turn to greed
flooded the world turn us to beg for pity
screw up the relations
partnership with our hearts
fooled to be soldiers
we need to protect our love ones
to rise
to stay in touch with
love that goes beyond our bodies
to fly with the clouds
to drink the rain
as the rain pour
we become the storm
to rip through the skies
to become that night
to swim the sky
and travel the distance to peace
whats peace?
in the day we live in
we are shot down
like a plane in the sky
who decide to challenge
challenge the truth
i kill and judgment for tells the ending  
i'm not ready for the end
so much to do
i don't want to be last
be the fool
the media use us as tools
label us as the venom
the poison to their lives
some can easily lie 
fool us to believe it's true
i am ashamed to admit 
but we lose
we are out source of power
with no way to gain
we as people are equal no difference 
however we are chosen to be bigger than others
stronger than others
weak as they recall
strong as fire
beautiful as a flower
it's amazing to be inspiring
be kind to a dieing fate
twisted by world
mix with words
we are burn and toss to the curve
no re-joyce
as a liar
we for tell a book
a book of mischief
a lie is just a painting on the wall
stories with no faint
we circle while we hold hands
but we ban each other
who can?
bring us together
unite us as one
lead us to the clouds
to that distance place
we are lose
stranded with no s.o.s to help
we felt the loneliness 
of no one to pick us up
these web of lies are shorten with time
in due time
we are promise with things
things that can shape our hearts
corrupt it to be darken by others lies
so if we as people
re-write time
isn't we the liars of the light?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just like the sky
Life shifts
Turn and a tear has fallen
What we hold
Seems to disappear
Vanish from the earth
As life seems so clear
What is so pure
A light on a candle
Or a flower from a simple bush
We all are going to rot to mush
Second chances are rarely given
As the heart had been taken
I have forsaken
Ones truth with beliefs
Belief that maybe false to the naked eye
But why cry
Some day we all will fly
High as the stars and the moon
Don’t be gloom
Be as bright
As the flowers bloom
Don’t worry
I be home soon 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

at the top, something you wanted to reach

broken dreams, i see why you never wanted to sleep more

now you cant live, because she said she never even peep boy

cant get over, whats done is did and you done over

so collect it, rebuild yourself

nothing is never handed, get out and take over

become a star, just as one grows big

so when you shoot off, you running for that shit

taking off like you aren't got nothing to live for

home is where your best dreams are at

the best dreams, even the ones that makes your girl wet

sweet dreams its eight in the evening

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Just wanna ride

I just wanna ride
Me and my baby in the sunset
Free to ride away from debt
Leave my land for somewhere new
Only a matter of time before I do
Her growl makes her bisexuality
Gather a fem rally
Not like it’s a dream I really want
My job isn’t to stylize and flaunt
I’m here to ride with my baby
Treat her like a lady
Get her first over those finish lines
Stay with her until the end of time
I just wanna ride
Neither one of use is leaving
Got me believing
You’re the one for me (You’re the one!)
You’re why I feel so free
0-60 in what is like a captured breath
The reason why we give ‘em hell
Tryin’ to catch up
In real time, I’m about to lap ‘em
Taste my vapor
Let you savor
Why we’re un-seperatable
Completely unbreakable
I just wanna ride


if i take grab it

walking as l look up upon it

never be the chance i fell

sharper like a lion with its claws

yes god made us

maybe we have some flaws

as light brightens up the day

the moon creates the passion

a man to above for the blessing that i ask

run for it

walking makes you prolong for it

reason are forever achieve for the brave and the bold

the weak pray on what they seek

everyone has a reason to believe

we sale for the one who always lead

end up forgotten why are they so greed

as life who walks for time

people live for the history but cant count down the time

why thus are time so valuable

soul to be reliable

felt hidden do to the dark clouds

most people cant hear him

even when he speaks out loud

souly we here but not with our sight

blind for the real war

not even ready for the fight

but until then

preach they maybe come to the light