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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Just wanna ride

I just wanna ride
Me and my baby in the sunset
Free to ride away from debt
Leave my land for somewhere new
Only a matter of time before I do
Her growl makes her bisexuality
Gather a fem rally
Not like it’s a dream I really want
My job isn’t to stylize and flaunt
I’m here to ride with my baby
Treat her like a lady
Get her first over those finish lines
Stay with her until the end of time
I just wanna ride
Neither one of use is leaving
Got me believing
You’re the one for me (You’re the one!)
You’re why I feel so free
0-60 in what is like a captured breath
The reason why we give ‘em hell
Tryin’ to catch up
In real time, I’m about to lap ‘em
Taste my vapor
Let you savor
Why we’re un-seperatable
Completely unbreakable
I just wanna ride

1 comment:

  1. This was intense. I loved it :) You really conveyed your passion for this person.
    Keep writing!!