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Sunday, March 13, 2011


if i take grab it

walking as l look up upon it

never be the chance i fell

sharper like a lion with its claws

yes god made us

maybe we have some flaws

as light brightens up the day

the moon creates the passion

a man to above for the blessing that i ask

run for it

walking makes you prolong for it

reason are forever achieve for the brave and the bold

the weak pray on what they seek

everyone has a reason to believe

we sale for the one who always lead

end up forgotten why are they so greed

as life who walks for time

people live for the history but cant count down the time

why thus are time so valuable

soul to be reliable

felt hidden do to the dark clouds

most people cant hear him

even when he speaks out loud

souly we here but not with our sight

blind for the real war

not even ready for the fight

but until then

preach they maybe come to the light

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