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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boderline Bipolar Mood Swings

Behind every great man
There rises a great woman
Behind me there are wildfires
Tombstones for everyday lives
Acid melting away lost hope
Into my wounds it soaks
Burning pain deep into my nerves
Punishment evil deserve
I wear my scars proudly
I hear the voices loudly
Breaking point of an already unstable crossing
All that proved costly
Psychoanalysis: Borderline Bipolar Mood Swings
Trouble comes in circles like rings
Dynasties: red or yellow
Down right colder than Sub-Zero
The next town sees my eyes
They don’t realize
How close I am to snapping
As the smoke behind me starts signaling
They say you beat a man while he’s down
But how do you beat a man who is lower than underground?
A composed spawn of hell
Or a mental patient as the medical record tell
Am I wrong for tearing a place to shreds?
Sacrificing no one making sure they’re dead
Retribution for one’s bullying
Eyes open sleeping
My past is my past
As long as my temper last
The world is not safe
The world is not safe
The world is not safe…

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