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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm so hard to read?

i never knew i can be so different
outcast from on to the world
like im in a forbidden room
surrounded by so much non believe
they point at me like i'm an disease
but what did i do
i guess myirth was the last straw
the last restraint from there temper
the mad the inconclusive madness
man what the hell
i guess they just dont get me
let alone understand me
they say im like an hard cover book
with white blank pages
well now i guess thats a perfect way to put it
i never was the kid to get rock ya bye at night to
but always face with an evil eye
never knew the truth
until i was face with one reason to it all
i was born to be hated
i knew deep in my heart i knew
the depth of the feeling was creepy n unreal
it was like a weeks worth of rain
with no sun shine in sight
now they say im cold
one of the heartless one's
but it was you people who made a monstar
a being from another planet
created the feelings for this creature
now face the music
im no mistake
just a problem turned to a successer
life is a journey with a never ending cycle with or without me
who cares if one problem
is compared to billions
the world claim you are the problem
out of millions?
how you know me
since im so different?

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