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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fingerprints to Drawout

Was I wrong?
breaching the contract
a decision that can never be tooking
forever i live with it
the truth states
two wrongs will never make a right
i guess on this clearly sky night
i realize how wrong I am
what makes me so mighty
it wasn't my choice
to make the final call
to make the final judgement upon man
the blood is written on my hands
that can never be erase
I feel lie i betrayed everyone
even him who watches over me
thou shall i honored
thou that i failed in his corner
he bless me
but i return the favor
by slaying a human he once created
through life i shall not wall
through life i shall not talk
this is my last full moon
let this be my testament
to my last judgement
i thou not live for tomorrow

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